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The Characteristics And Sealing Principle Of Flat Welding Flange

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2022-06-08 15:48

Flat welding flanges refer to flanges that are connected to vessels or pipes by fillet welding. It can be any flange. Check the integral flange or loose flange respectively according to the degree of integrity of the flange ring and straight cylinder section at the time of design. The ring of the flat welding flange has two kinds of neck and non-neck. Compared with the neck butt welding flange, the flat welding flange has a simple structure and less material, but the rigidity and sealing performance are not as good as the neck butt welding flange. Flat welded flanges are widely used in the connection of medium and low pressure vessels and pipelines.

Flat welding flange not only saves space and weight, but more importantly, it ensures that the joint does not leak and has good sealing performance. Due to the reduced diameter of the seal, the size of the compact flange is reduced, which will reduce the cross-section of the sealing face. Second, the flange gasket has been replaced by a sealing ring to ensure that the sealing surface matches the sealing surface.

In this way, only a small amount of pressure is required to compress the cap tightly. As the required pressure decreases, the size and number of bolts can be correspondingly reduced, so a new flat welded flange has been designed that is small in size and light in weight (70% to 80% lighter than traditional flanges). Therefore, the flat welding flange type is a relatively high-quality flange product, which reduces mass and space, and plays an important role in industrial applications.

The sealing principle of the flat welding flange: the two sealing surfaces of the bolt squeeze the flange gasket and form a seal, but this will also cause the seal to be damaged. In order to maintain the seal, a huge bolt force must be maintained. Therefore, the bolts must be made larger. Larger bolts must mate with larger nuts, which means larger diameter bolts are required to allow for tightening of the nuts. However, the larger the diameter of the bolts, the more bendable flanges are applicable.

The method is to increase the wall thickness of the flange portion. The entire device will require enormous size and weight, which becomes a particular problem in the offshore environment, where the weight of the flat weld flange is always the main concern one has to pay attention to.

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